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Summer that comes in through the windows in a mist of green and light. The eternal golden hew of the sandy beaches. The sea mirrored everywhere. AZO is the definition of the contemporary and picturesque Cascais vila. Facing nature and enclosed in its own rhythm.

AZO Square View - Property Development Capital
AZO Square View - Property Development Capital

Calçada do Grilo


Under license, between Lisbon’s most recent coveted neighborhoods of Xabregas and Beato and in front of Convent do Grilo, a remarkable real estate project awaits.

Nestled along the scenic Tagus River, this exclusive development aims to capture a perfect fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary design. With a vibrant entrepreneurial atmosphere, this neighborhood creates the ideal backdrop for an extraordinary lifestyle.

With the convenience of seamless connectivity to the city center and beyond, immerse yourself in a thriving hub of innovation and creativity, all while enjoying breathtaking views of the river.

A truly remarkable living experience in the heart of Lisbon.

Square View - Property Development Capital

Gualdim Pais


The project consists of a high-quality and innovative Student Village located on Rua Gualdim Pais.

The existing buildings were erected in the mid-1920s, through the initiative of the industrialist Luís Ribeiro, who promoted several industrial units in the area.

The residence was commissioned by the industrialist Rui Ribeiro in 1928, in a very distinctive style representative of the time. He built the Gualdim Pais residence for his own dwelling, utilizing a clearly identifiable architectural repertoire that aimed to showcase the success of its promoter.

Rui Ribeiro also promoted the construction of the factory unit adjacent to the residence, as well as many of the existing buildings in the Beato area, such as the Tinturaria Portugal located on the other side of Rua Gualdim Pais.

Square View - Property Development Capital

Oeiras – Paço de Arcos


Melides Urban Plots

A coastal Paradise with enchanting charm and laid-back ambiance, Melides offers a lifestyle that is truly inspiring, where time seems to slow down and every moment is infused with a sense of tranquility and natural beauty. Every experience carries a sense of serenity and authenticity.

In the heart of Melides village, a residential development awaits.

Melides Boutique Hotel

A Lifestyle-Focused Hotel, a short distance from the breathtaking Melides beach, nestled along the incredible coastline of Portugal. With a focus on lifestyle and amazing architecture, the hotel will offer 42 beautifully designed units  – hotel rooms, suites and villas – to provide an exceptional experience. The perfect blend of relaxation, style, and immersion in the natural beauty of Melides. Completed with luxurious amenities, including a wellness center, a gourmet restaurant, and curated local experiences.

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