Edifício Teatro


So much more than meets the eye.
So much more to enjoy.

Nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood of Cascais, the “Edifício Teatro” welcomes 21 apartments T1, T2 and T3, with areas ranging from 83 sqm to 162 sqm.

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About the Project

Edifício Teatro was designed with the intention of creating an aesthetically appealing and contemporary living space, ensuring a connection with the existing urban landscape. The building creates a surprising effect: contrasting with the sober exterior, the interior presents itself luminous and verdant, where life is elevated by the natural exuberance of the common garden. The proof that what you see is not always what it seems. It is much more.

The project presents contemporary and elegant apartments that stand out both through their aesthetics and functionality. The large terraces and wide balconies facing the courtyard give light and serenity to the building, linking the garden and the building together. With spacious areas, the top apartments have clear views.

Location: Cascais, Portugal

Architects: Fragmentos Architecture Studio

Size: 21 Apartments

Completion: 2020

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